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Full Version: Clash of clans Bot/Hack
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[Image: xNaCUIf.gif]
Example of the bot - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ko_5gAUELg

1-Keep online: you can keep 24 hours online with the application of this auxiliary program. (You will be kicked offline automatically for 10 minutes when being online for 6 hours).
2-Reconnect while being offline: the Robot will automatically restore the program while being offline so as to ensure the plug in.
3-Restore while being forcedly terminated: the Robot will automatically restore the program while being forcedly terminated so as to ensure the plug in.
4-Search loots automatically: the Robot will search loots according to the search conditions set by the User.
5-Build units automatically: the Robot will build units required according to the User Settings for battle.
6-Fight automatically: the Robot will conduct automatic battle unattended.
7-Farm your wall and update your buildings!
9-Daily Elixir Gains Is Over 3,000,000
10-Daily Gold Gains Over 3,000,000
11-Free Update
12-24/h Support
13-Undetected ,Anti-ban,Low Profile
14-Automatically Link Your Ios Or Android Account And Sync it Safely
15-Choose Your Attacking Troops.
16.Add troop donation
17.Add requesting for troop from clan.
18.Almost fix the inactivity bugs.

Bot download: https://www.mediafire.com/?empy50mkk4z6hce

How to use -https://www.mediafire.com/?b24h0ueboft57an
PS:If LazyPressing can't search a battle,Close your anti-virus software,and then right click Lazypressing ,run as administator.Remember to set your PC never sleep

This is a CoC bot developed by lazypressing.com, so if you want to upgrade beyond a free trial head over there. The trial includes one hour trials twice a day.If you would like to buy a poll code and support the developer go to http://lazypressing.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8

I may do a Pollcode license give away soon if people want it.
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