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Full Version: Fifa 15 UT hack IOS
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[Image: 21bnec6.png]

Requirements on iDevice:
- Jailbreak!
- and possibly ifile for issues

Requirements on Windows:
-.NET Framework v4.5
-IOS file explorer like (iFunbox, iMazing or iExplorer)

-Force ideal shot
-No fouls in game
-Next star hack for managers
-Punishment For Injury points
-Punishment for not playing points
-XP earned multiplayer
-Match rating multiplayer

Alternative Link

-Close Fifa from Multitasking
-Download the tool on your PC
-Run the .exe and customize the hack to your requirements
-Open the file explorer for your phone (ifunbox etc.)
-Replace the ini files in "User Applications" -> "FIFA15" -> "FIFA14.app" -> "ini" -> "na"
-Run the game and enjoy

-Untouched common.ini, ai.ini and career.ini files are included. You don't need to take the files out from FIFA15 folder
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