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Up to $200/Day (Proof) (Paypal/BTC) G2A Money Method (Hot)
05-31-2017, 08:41 PM
Post: #1
Up to $200/Day (Proof) (Paypal/BTC) G2A Money Method (Hot)
Note: This is not mine, I am not making $200 off of this. My friend wanted me to post it for him. Were in the same Humana Clan. I will however be following the method.

Site Link:
Hi, gentlemen of Leakforums. Today i'm going to be sharing with you a method which is currently bringing me in $200 every day.

If you want to help a poor college kid out, you can sign up under my link. It doesn't cost you anything and it

helps a poor college kid out.
Proof Picture:
This isn't completely passive income. I spend a few hours a day promoting this on my social media accounts. In

addition I have created some pages to help promote it, however I have not opened any websites for it.

The site we are going to be using to make this money, is called G2A. It is an online gaming site that sells

discounted game keys. They currently have a program known as G2A goldmine. It is a basic affiliate program that

allows you to earn commissions based upon the sales you make.

You can sign up for the site here:
Registration is fairly simple, basic sign up nothing too complicated.

Ok, so now that you have signed up for the Goldmine program, we are going to want to start spreading our affiliate


There are a variety of ways you can do this. I will cover a few.

Method 1: Promoting through Social Media (Spammy, I discourage this).
- Go to various gaming related group/gaming fan pages
EX: Ninjas In Pajamas csgo fan page, and post something like this
Hi guys, I found this cool site called G2A, that claims to sell games for cheaper than they normally are. Can

anyone check this out for me. Your link here
Method 2 (Less Spammy)
- Set up fan pages for your link
EX: Go to facebook, twitter, etc. You can make a page here, for example Discount Games Up to 50%. Check out here.
Then you just plug your reflink on there. Pretty easy
Method 3 (Very Hard, But Very Profitable)
Take your Link:
- Go on youtube or and find semi-popular youtubers. Not hugely popular, but fairly popular. EX: 30,000 to

300,00 Subs
- Look for their pm or business address box and send them a nice email
Hint: You get a commission of their sales
EX: Hi, I'm James Smith. I have been watching your videos for a while now and I think you have a lot more

opportunities to monetize. I found this site called G2A and they have an affiliate program. You could plug this in

your videos and make big money. Here is the link

These are the 3 main methods, there are hundreds of ways to spread your link.

I wish you all great profits

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