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System Of Economical Double-layer Venting Curtain Wall
09-12-2018, 12:38 PM
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System Of Economical Double-layer Venting Curtain Wall
With the rapid development of our national economy along with the continuous improvement of individuals living standards, as well for the reason that improvement of the architect's design notion of "human nature to architecture", buildings are developing toward high-rise, high-grade, multi-functional course. Therefore, building curtain wall goods are bound to develop in the direction of high-tech and multi-functional, so as to adapt to people's increasing understanding environmental protection and energy conservation, to meet sales demand for building drape wall function.

Double curtain wall or ventilation curtain wall being a more popular building envelope system, originated in North The united states, has been widely utilized in Europe. In terms involving ventilation mode, it can be divided into two programs: internal ventilation and exterior ventilation.

Generally speaking, the price tag on double curtain wall is greater than that of standard curtain wall, so it is vital to explore new insulated glass factory structure to produce it not only has the advantages of double curtain wall, and also has the economy associated with ordinary curtain wall.

The economical double-deck air flow curtain wall adopts the structure form of integral unit system. The room between inner and outside curtain wall panels will be 155mm. The whole shape is light, concise as well as economical. The curtain wall frame adopts aluminium alloy keel, which is delt with, manufactured and assembled inside factory; the surface fabric adopts Noise Reduction Laminated Goblet, single-layer glass and insides insulation decorative board; waterproof and sealant strip (cushion) adopts EPDM or maybe silica gel, and the hardware accessory of aluminum alloy contact parts adopts s / s material. And then transported into the scene directly suspended around the main structure of the actual building.

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