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Social Media for Money!
11-17-2014, 02:50 AM
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Social Media for Money!
Social Media is a form of communication being globally recognized daily. Whether it's politicians using it for votes or companies using it for marketing. Social Media is a growing base and it's best if we take advantage of that right now! In this guide I'll explain the different methods that I've seen being utilized but being done in a poor manner. These methods can bring a steady income or just a nice bundle of pocket cash.

Method 1: Sponsorships
Semi-Popular page
1-2 Main Points (Themes)
Decent Amount of Activity
With my experience a Facebook page that meets those requirements has a higher rate of becoming a sponsor.
How do I make money?:
Companies are always looking for ways to get their product out there,right? So you become another median they would use. Chances of being a local sponsor is something I'd start off with. To do that try to thread around the following
1.) Find a non-franchised/branded store (something like a family owned business or new start-up companies)
2.) Send them an email in the email include what you can offer. Some key things to look offer: Amount of likes/friends/post unique views (if you are a website). Don't make empty promises. Aim to complete whatever you promise. As in a local community everyone talks.
3.) Start talking good about the company/business.
4.) Chances are that who ever reads your page/site/blog might actually be keen on trying it out.
5.)If more people start visiting that establishment you are increasing your reputation and can begin charging more.
If you don't want to do something locally and you are quite popular online you can email/call up company brands. Some companies that are known to accept individual marketers are: Nike,DC,Dell,Samsung. Follow the steps and keep trying. The more persuasive you can be the better the chances of being accepted.
More methods coming soon!

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