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Just how many people browse reddit in RS
05-23-2020, 12:41 PM
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Just how many people browse reddit in RS
What now? Gont complete diaries up, return to zulrah for money likely try inferno. Give Vorkath a go if you have not tried it. Comparable to gp/hr that is a little superior with gear that is great and I find it generally simpler since there's less energy. Neither is AFK so that OSRS gold comes down to personal preference, but IMO Vorkath is more laid back. Vork is chiller and probably slightly greater cash but the absence of drops or remotely interesting mechanics makes me soooo bored. That is just me tho, I like something about the zulrah battle. Either way, both are great money makers.

Zulrah is easier to remove from than Vorkath because of the 1 shot mechanic. If you know the routines zulrah is a breeze. While he is doing an 8 swap at 19, I have. Yeah I guess it is a personal preference item. Aside from paying attention to the 1 shot strike, making sure you hit on your click onto the spawn, and having the ability to count to 6 Vork is really low key due to the 30 maximum strike, slow attack speed, and pretty low frequency he utilizes the one primary attack you don't have zeroed out.

My frustration with Zulrah it it's rather easy to become stacked with"I'm on the mage phase but JK here's three ranged attacks in a row" even if you are doing everything right. There is a fairly major cushion for you to comprehend Vork's one strike attack as long as you default to keeping your cursor hovering 2 spaces away and your left hand over the ctrl key during the main phase.

It really isn't something unreasonable you are a young adult without a family to buy RuneScape gold and if this is your pass time. Like shit so many skills need you to perform literally nothing for minutes at a time at which you can do other things or you take your 5 minute afk timer whilst heading to cook your meals over and over. 4 hours a day on average. Stop it that is life people that are incredibly no will need to stop normalIzing how addicted some folks are to RuneScape. Every day for x amount of years you are spending 1/6 of your entire day, 1/4 of your waking hours playing a game. That is not healthy.

Just how many people browse reddit, see TV or Netflix, or are on social websites for 4 hours a day normally? I believe it's probably 90% or more. Why's it just"no life" in case you play RS with that time rather? I feel like the newish shit and Screen Time Usage alarms would show folks how much time they waste. Including me, but is if it's my own time, it wasted time? Who the fuck is somebody to tell you to dictate your'spare' time. About binging a season of a show, someone will brag and people will not care.

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