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Is there a Difference Between Semi-tempered Tumbler And Tempered Glass?
11-29-2018, 01:28 PM
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Is there a Difference Between Semi-tempered Tumbler And Tempered Glass?
Building Tempered Glass is really a type of prestressed cup. In order to boost the strength of the tumbler, chemical or physical methods usually are used to form compressive stress around the surface of the tumbler. When the glass is afflicted by external force, the exterior stress is first offset, thereby improving the keeping capacity and improving this glass resistance. Pull strength. The main advantages with tempered glass are 2. The first is how the strength is several times more than that of ordinary goblet, the bending strength is Less than six times that of regular glass, and the consequence strength is 5 to help 10 times that of ordinary double glass, which increases the strength. Security. Safety of use is the second major benefit of physical tempered glass. Their increased load carrying potential improves the fragile design. Even if the tempered glass stops working, it will show small fragments without sharp 4 corners, and the damage to the skin is greatly reduced. The quenching and heat resistance of tempered glass is 2-3 times higher than this of ordinary glass. In general, it can withstand temperature changes of above 150C, which has noticeable effects on preventing thermal cracking.

Semi-tempered glass can be called Heat Strengthened Glass. It is a sort of between ordinary flat magnifying glaas and tempered glass. These have the characteristics of high strength of tempered a glass. At the same time, it avoids the flatness of tempered glass as well as being easy to self-explosion. Disadvantages like overall crushing. When the semi-tempered glass breaks, it really is radially radial cracked across the crack source, and generally there is absolutely no tangential crack propagation, therefore the whole can not remain collapsed following damage. Semi-tempered glass is suitable for curtain wall as well as exterior window in buildings. It can be created into semi-tempered coated glass with image distortion better than tempered glass. However, it should be spotted that semi-tempered glass is not contained in the safety glass range. Since it is broken, there are still sharp fragments that may injure people and can't be used in skylights and occasions where human effects may occur. The surface area compressive stress of semi-tempered a glass is between 24MPa and 69Mpa, and the surface difficulty of tempered glass really should be greater than 69MPa. The production process with semi-tempered glass is the same as that of tempered cup. The wind pressure is merely different in the quenching train station, and the resistance that will quenching and heat is not as much as that of tempered tumbler.

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