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Disappear From The Internet | Remove Traces | UNDOX YOURSELF
09-03-2014, 02:06 AM
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Disappear From The Internet | Remove Traces | UNDOX YOURSELF
Removing Traces of Yourself

Ever search your actual name and see your current phone number, address and so forth? Well to no extent should you just let it stay as is. In this tutorial I will be showing you on how to remove your information from well known sites such as Spokeo // Whitepages.

Lets start with what people are able to receive off you when attempting to DOX you:

First Name:
Last Name:
Current Address:
Previous Address:
Phone Numbers:
Social Media:

And so forth. All of this can be provided with a simple search of your name.

Let's begin on how to remove your name from Spokeo.

Spokeo is actually REALLY quick by deleting your information. A few of my friends have reported there links and got it deleted within 30 minutes.
Intelius is a bit more strict when it comes to just removing your information however it isn't as strict as Pipl(they don't even allow removing your information due to an idiotic reason). You will have to scan a valid ID of yourself and send it to them in order to get what you want removed in order to get yourself removed from Intelius.

Whitepages is similar to Spokeo as in that it is very quick to remove. The instructions on removing yourself from their listings is listed above in the link.

Now I'm going to explain why Pipl is much more difficult to get your information removed from. They say that due to the reason they get their information from PUBLIC sources, they have to the right to display it in their listings. Regardless of what the user says about it.

Helpful Tips:

When creating a name, I'd recommend choosing something common, for example "Anonymous". Instead of my retarded self who chose a name who no one else in their right mind would use. Choosing an uncommon name will just make it easier to DOX as all the person has to do is search your name and look through 1-2 pages of Google to obtain your information.


Do you have a site you want your name off of? Throw me a PM and I will do my best to get the link removed from the site. :blackhat:

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