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Craigslist $$ | $80 every two days with ease | FREE
09-03-2014, 02:21 AM
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Craigslist $$ | $80 every two days with ease | FREE
Estimated Income $50-100 in two days.

It is not completely easy however and has its challenges.

SE Skills
Picture Pack of a Girl

What to do:

1)Post an ad on CL. Put this in the casual encounters section

2)Make sure the ad is set for a Woman Seeking A Man. Have your title catch the viewers eye, like this:


NOTE: Make sure you do not place a message too explicit or mention selling or money of any kind because you will get flagged fast. I tested this many times and it was only on my last try that I didn't get flagged.

4)In the post have about 2 or 3 pictures of your fake girl

5)When the guys contact you, social engineer them. I used a like like "Glad the ad caught ur eye, but right now im selling my pics to nice guys". Eventually, out of the many guys that contact you, people will fall for it. Use social engineering skills here, its not hard. promise them something they want but make them pay beforehand

NOTE: You can barter for them to send the money upfront using pics as ur selling product. I myself had the fake girl promise "a nice reward at their place for the generous buyers who paid for her pics ahead of time" Make sure they "gift" the money to ur paypal

Use any location you want. it doesnt have to be an area u live in.

Well, its not a great tut but i'll get better with time. anyways, if anything needs clearing up i can explain it.

i sifted thru lots of buyers but ended up getting two that paid $50 and $30 for pics of a girl that doesnt really know them. hope this helps people. best for people who SE

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